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Please consider this letter a heart-felt "Thank You" for the wonderful job you did for me handling my family's antique furniture that had been collecting dust at my home in Woodstock!

As I told you, I had almost given up on what to do with it until I chatted with you and learned of all the outstanding avenues you had to offer in marketing my furniture. And the speed with which it sold amazed me, as did the amount it garnered in the Northeast.

The crowing touch, though, was your volunteering to shephard the cartage end for me as I had to be out of town that day; how many people in your line of work would cover for someone on such a mundane task as handling and loading the goods for their trip north? Very few, I'm sure!

Again, thanks so much for all your assistance and be assured that, should I need those services again, you will be the only person I contact. Have a great year!
Corinne Grizzard
This letter of recommendation is for my new friends at Golden's Appraisal, Auction and Estate Services. I sold my home in John's Creek and began the monumental task of photographing all its contents for two charitable events and an auction. The task was above my pay scale, so we hired Golden's to assist. They not only did an outstanding job completing the project, but they were also invaluable running the charitable events and tracking the sell and payments of each item sold. We honestly could not have done it without them.

Since meeting Mr. Golden, I have come to know and respect him and his family (they helped too). I have immense admiration for his skills and more importantly his character.

I couldn't give any higher recommendation for anyone
Larry Dean, Dean Gardens
Earlier this year when my mother of 90 years of age passed away, I was faced with an insurmountable task of handling her estate, which included the sale of numerous furnishings and personal effects in her large house. I began searching the internet for resources to lead me in making the right decision to handle this, but I became soon overwhelmed from the countless offers out there in handling an estate sale or auction.

It was upon the recommendation of someone I had come to know and trust that I made contact with Walter Golden. Immediately during our first phone conversation, I felt very comfortable with Walter as we made plans to meet at my mother’s house and discuss options to liquidate the estate. At no time did I feel any pressure to make a decision that I didn’t feel comfortable with.

As we discussed the many decisions to make concerning the best way to handle the estate, I quickly realized how professional and knowledgeable Walter is concerning appraising the value of many diverse items and developing the right venue to sell these items resulting in achieving the most money during the sale.

Walter and his team worked diligently to display items, price accordingly and market an estate sale that would be attractive to buyers. I found time and time again that Walter was dead on the money predicting how the estate sale weekends would go.

I wholeheartedly recommend Walter Golden for any appraisal, auction or estate services. His approach is professional yet personal, as if he were providing services for himself or his family.
John Clark
Thanks again for running a great estate sale. I especially appreciate how you continued to market our large armoires and other antiques that didn’t sell during the weekend event. Two weeks later, every piece was sold. Enjoyed working with you, your wife and daughter.

Glad to see that the Mustang was fully restored … what a great car!!

All the best.
Jeff Villwock

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